Fire Service Hydraulics - FFP1301

Florida: 40-CEU’s awarded toward Fire Safety Inspector renewal

This 40-hour curriculum has been approved by the Florida State Fire College

This 40-hour classroom course is the first in a two-part Driver Operator Series. This curriculum focuses on delivering water to nozzles and apparatus at safe and effective pressures. Students will learn the six-principles of pressure, study the behavior of water that is at rest or in motion and will examine several mechanisms for moving it. Basic mathematical formulas will be presented and students will be required to perform calculations required to produce effective fire streams. This curriculum also analyzes fire pump theory, distribution of pressures in dynamic and static water systems, friction loss in hoses and pipes, and other factors that ultimately influence nozzle pressure. Students are also taught quick field-methods for estimating pressures on the fireground.

This course consists of three 25-question multiple choice quizzes and a 100-question multiple choice final exam. All quizzes and the final exam are cumulative. A passing score of 70% (average of all quizzes and the final exam) is required unless deemed higher by the Department or agency.  Students who succusfully pass this class will have a thorough understanding on how effective fire streams are developed and shall be eligible to register for part-two of the Driver Operator Series: Fire Apparatus Operations (FFP1302).

Upon successful completion of both classes in the Driver Operator Series (FFP1301 and FFP1302), Florida students will be eligible to apply for the Florida State Pump Operator certification test at a regional testing site.

Textbook and Supplies:
  • IFSTA 2nd edition Pumping Apparatus Driver/Operator Handbook
  • Calculator capable of solving square roots




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FFP1301 - Fire Service Hydraulics

This curriculum focuses on the methods of delivering water to nozzles and apparatus at safe and effective pressures. Students will learn the principles of pressure, study the behavior of water when it is at rest or in motion, and will learn several basic math formulas, which are needed to produce effective fire streams.

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